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Pillars & Values


Our Pillars

The areas we focus on to ensure our success.



Delivering quality training that assures a skilled, safe working, and sustainable Building Trades’ workforce for Nova Scotia’s ICI building and construction industry.



Creating a safe environment that is respectful of the physical, mental, and educational needs of each individual.


Training Solutions 

Developing high quality, real-life training solutions that are responsive to the needs of tradespeople and the industry.



Engaging with owners, contractors, tradespeople, government, and the public to build awareness and promote industry-led trades training as a value add for the province.



Building a culture of excellence that is grounded in collaboration, communication, relationships, respect and trust.


Our Values 

For owners and contractors in Nova Scotia’s ICI building and construction industry who need access to skilled, job-ready tradespeople, BTAC provides assurance, because our industry-led training provides qualified people who can do the work safely, on time, and on budget.



We provide practical, hands-on training that builds confidence in tradespeople, and ensures a highly skilled, reliable, and sustainable Building Trades workforce in Nova Scotia.



We are connected and aligned with the ICI building and construction industry, offering a direct line to employment opportunities for qualified tradespeople.



We understand the ICI building and construction industry, enabling us to provide adaptable, customized training solutions that are responsive to their current and emerging needs.



We provide individualized support for tradespeople and employers to ensure they achieve success.



We are committed to providing leadership and vision to ensure training for the building trades in Nova Scotia is the best in the world.

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