BTAC Head Office Training Center- Lakeside

Construction Electrician Construction Electricians plan and assemble, install, make adjustments to, inspect, operate and maintain electrical systems having to do with construction sites. In addition to Core and Technical Training for IBEW members, the campus offers pre-apprenticeship electrical training available to the public. Apprenticeship Level Training and Trade Qualifier Training are also offered on an as needed or on-demand basis. In addition to providing Dispatch Ready training for the members of Local 625, they also provide on-demand, job-ready training for equity groups.

Commercial Painter

Painters are responsible to apply finishes in commercial, institutional, and industrial construction projects. In doing so, they prepare surfaces such as wood, drywall, stucco and metal, etc., for paint, high performance coatings, waterproofing, and fireproofing.

Commercial Painting training is offered on an on-demand basis to supply the ICI sector. Custom programs are also provided to equity groups.


A glazier is responsible for measuring, fabricating, and installing glass and glass substitutes, including curtain wall framing, aluminum storefront frames and entrances, structural silicone glazing, glass railings, smoke baffles, shower enclosures, glass and mirror walls, skylights, and sloped glazing.

Glazier training has not been available in Atlantic Canada until 2021. Painters & Allied Trades -District Council 39 will be the first to offer an apprenticeship training program that is open to the public in 2021.


Labourers are responsible to assist other skilled tradespersons on the job site, employed by construction companies and trade and labour contractors

In addition to providing Dispatch Ready training for the members of Local 615, they also provide on-demand, job-ready training for equity groups.


Ironworkers are broken down into three categories: generalists, structural/ornamental, and reinforcing. Generalists perform all of the same tasks as structural/ornamental and reinforcing ironworkers. They conduct installations of structural and ornamental steel components and precast concrete pieces, place reinforcing steel in commercial, institutional, and residential buildings, and erect pre-engineered buildings and ornamental ironwork.

In addition to providing skills upgrading and Dispatch Ready training, the campus provides the Apprenticeship training for Ironworkers for the Province of Nova Scotia (through Ironworkers’ Local Union 752). There is also bi-annual training for newly recruited Rebar workers including all safety training for immediate dispatch upon successful completion of a two-week rebar program.

Boilermakers Training Center - Truro


Boilermakers who are working in construction will build, erect, repair, test, install and maintain boilers, tanks, and pressure vessels. Planning is a large part of their job as they develop layouts and work plans, assemble plates, sheet steel, and other heavy metals, and mark lines before shaping, cutting, and fitting the metal parts together using various machines.

The Boilermakers campus provides job-ready Core Training and Technical Training for members.

Carpenter Millwright College (CMC) - Sackville


Carpenters are responsible to make, renovate and repair structures made of materials like wood, steel and concrete. They may work for construction firms, building owners, developers, or government departments. Using blueprints, drawings and sketches, they determine project requirements, lay out projects in conformance with building codes, and measure, cut, shape, assemble and join wood, wood substitutes, steel studs, and other materials.


Millwrighting involves the installation, maintenance, repair and troubleshooting of stationary industrial machinery, as well as mechanical equipment in factories, production plants and facilities.

The CMC provides a pre-apprenticeship carpentry program open to the public in addition to ongoing Dispatch Ready and skills upgrading training for members. This campus also provides training for youth and equity groups on an on-demand basis.

To learn more, please visit the CMC website.

There is also a Millwright Training Center located in New Glasgow.

Elevator Constructors Local 125 – Bayers Lake

Elevator constructors and mechanics assemble, install, maintain and repair freight and passenger elevators, escalators, moving walkways and other related equipment.

Local 125 delivers the Canadian Elevator Industry Education Apprenticeship Training Program, as well as International Union of Elevator Constructors training.

UA 56 Campus – Woodside


Plumbers install, repair and maintain plumbing fixtures and water, hydraulic, drain, waste, vent, low-pressure steam, residential fire, chemical, and irrigation systems in residential, industrial, institutional, and commercial building sites. Sometimes, plumbers install medical gas, process piping, compressed air, water conditioner, fuel piping, sewage, water treatment, and storage and flow equipment systems.


Steamfitters/pipefitters are responsible for laying, fabricating, maintaining, installing, repairing, and servicing equipment and piping systems for water, steam, gases, chemicals, and fuel.


Sprinkler system installers will lay, install, repair, maintain, alter, and test various fire protection systems. Some sprinkler system installers specialize in installations, testing, or inspection. They read and interpret drawings, design specifications, and fire codes to determine installation requirements.

The UA56 Campus provides an extensive list of Dispatch Ready Training, Apprenticeship Training, training for equity groups and skills upgrading programs. This Campus provides the Apprenticeship Sprinkler Training for the Province of Nova Scotia.

There is also a training center located in Antigonish that is administered by UA Local 244 that provides Dispatch Ready and skills upgrading training for members.

Insulators Local 116 Campus – Burnside

Heat and Frost Insulators are responsible to work with different insulation material to prevent the passage of heat, cold, moisture, vapour, sound and fire.

The Insulators Campus provides the Apprenticeship Training for the Province of Nova Scotia, in addition to Dispatch Ready and skills upgrading training for members.

Sheet Metal Local 56 Campus – Sydney

Sheet Metal Workers are responsible to design, layout, measure, fabricate, assemble, or repair sheet metal products.

In addition to providing Dispatch Ready and skills upgrading training for members, the Sheet Metal Campus provides customized training for equity groups on an on-demand basis.

Training Facilities