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Training Partners  


The Building Trades Advancement College represents a network of training partners through Nova Scotia’s Building Trades Unions. 


Some Building Trades Unions operate Private Career Colleges (like BTAC) offering standardized curriculum for apprentices and skills upgrading. While others have Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committees (JATCs) (on behalf of NSAA) who administer apprenticeship programs and operate training centers funded by industry through Training Trust Funds. And finally, we offer programs for job-ready and safety training, as well as skills upgrading. These programs are privately funded through contributions from the workers and affiliated contractors. These training institutions are acknowledged as centers of excellence across the country.


Partners Include:


Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency 


The Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency is operated under the authority of the Apprenticeship and Trades Qualifications Act, the Operating Charter and the General Regulations, and is authorized to manage the trades training and certification system in Nova Scotia.


Private Career Colleges Division


The Private Career Colleges Division administers the Private Career Colleges Act. Colleges offering occupational training are required to be registered in accordance with the Private Career Colleges Act unless exempted through the Act and/or Regulations.


The Building Trades Advancement College received Private Career College designation in December 2018.


Contractors of Build Right Nova Scotia 


Build Right Nova Scotia is an initiative of professional unionized tradespeople and contractors. Build Right includes 350 contractors and 12,000 unionized tradespeople (including 3,000 apprentices), who work together to construct this province right, one building at a time, making sure they are strong and safe.


Some BTAC programs offer preferential work term placements with Build Right Contractors.

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